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Bayco is a fine jewelry company established in New York in 1981 by brothers Moris and Giacomo Hadjibay. The two brothers, having spent their youth in Italy learning the precious gemstone trade from their father, fabled gemstone dealer Amir Hadjibay, decided to join forces in New York to start their own venture. From the beginning it was decided that they were only to make one of a kind pieces of jewelry, to showcase the rare precious stones that they posses.

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Over the last 38 years, Bayco has grown significantly. Moris’ sons, Marco and Manuel, and Giacomo’s children, Nicole and David, have joined the company. Today Bayco is one of the leading names in the high jewelry sector, providing fabulous jewels to many different markets, such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, & Australia. Bayco jewels adorn royalty and the social elite worldwide.


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